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22:23 Sep 29 2011

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10 Tibetan towns you can't miss! (4)
14:57, July 19, 2010  

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4. Ma-ni-kan-ko - 'Cowboy Town of China'

Ma-ni-kan-ko is a transfer station in the northern line of the Sichuan-Tibet highway. In ancient times, it was an important hub leading to Yunnan, Qinghai and Sichuan, a commercial area and a center for Tea-horse Ancient Road.

With its preserved environment, Yilhun Lhatso (Xinluhai Lake), a lake 10 km away from Ma-ni-kan-ko, is a fairyland on earth. Meadows and spruce, fir and cypress trees surround the lake. Marnyi stones engraved with Buddhist sutras can be seen everywhere from the lake's shore. Flocks of mallard fly overhead while schools of fishes swim in the lake. A snow-capped mountain standing against a blue sky and the lake sparkling in the sunlight creates an awe-inspiring landscape.

The main residents there are Tibetans, and their nomadic life makes them strong. Like western cowboys, many have dark skin, long hair and black boots.
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