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22:25 Sep 29 2011

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Dominic's Diary 5-- Visiting the Potala Palace
15:48, July 19, 2010  
Dominic's Diary 5-- Visiting the Potala Palace

View from the bottom of the steps outside the Potala Palace in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Photo taken July 3, 2010. [Photo: / Dominic Swire]

Think of Tibet and you're more than likely to conjure up an image of the city's most famous building, the Potala Palace. Perched on a rocky hill close to the centre of the city, the huge edifice was once home to the various incarnations of the Dali Lama. It's now a museum open to tourists. But if you want to go, make sure you book your tickets early. The numbers are limited to 1,500 per day to protect the structure. While that may sound a lot, this site has been known to pull in as much as 6,000 tourists in one day.

Despite its huge religious significance the design of the building resembles a fortress with the sloping white walls rising into a number of square sections of the building. Apparently the average width of those walls is 3 metres. The fa?ade of the palace is peppered with small square windows, many of which are trimmed with colourful material flapping in the wind. The central section of the building is deep brown in colour and called the Red Palace and has a Chinese flag proudly planted on top.

Source: CRI online
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