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22:49 Sep 29 2011

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Chinese Tibetologists and Living Buddhas visit South Korea
15:51, July 20, 2010  

A delegation of Chinese Tibetologists and Living Buddhas met with Venerable Ja Seung, administrative leader of the Jogye Order, the oldest and largest sect in Korean Buddhism, in Seoul on July 19.

The delegation also had an informal discussion with Chinese students studying in South Korea and other overseas Chinese on the current situation of Tibet and the history of Tibetan Buddhism.

Sherab Nyima, head of the delegation and vice-president of the Minzu University of China, told members of the Jogye Order that Tibet now boasts over 1,700 religious sites and some 47,000 registered monks. Furthermore, the masses are free to worship Buddha at temples or participate in other religious activities.

South Korea's mass-circulation newspaper JoongAng Daily interviewed the delegation on that afternoon.

By People's Daily Online


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