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00:28 Sep 30 2011

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General classification of 2010 Tour de Qinghai Lake
09:49, July 26, 2010  

Following is the general individual classification of the 2010 Tour de Qinghai Lake international road cycling race concluded on Sunday in northwest China's Qinghai Province:

1.Hossein Askari, Iran, Tabriz Petrochemical (TPT), 26 hours 54 minutes and 59 seconds

2.Rogina Radoslav, Croatia, Loborika (LOB), 26:55:43

3.Reijnen Kiel, United States, Jelly-Belly (JBC), 26:56:18

4.Mahoric Mitja, Slovenia, Slovenian (SLO), 26:56:22

5.Mccann David, Chinese Taipei, Giant Asia Racing Team (GNT), 26:56:27

6.Andrey Mizorov, Iran, Tabriz Petrochemical (TPT), 26:56:33@ 7.Ghader Mizbani Iranagh, Iran, Tabriz Petrochemical (TPT), 26:56:40

8.Kerkez Vladimir, Slovenia, Slovenian (SLO), 26:56:51

9.Hossein Alieadeh, Iran, Tabriz Petrochemical (TPT), 26:56:52

10.Tomislav Danculonvic, Croatia, Loborika (LOB), 26:57:11

Source: Xinhua


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