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00:49 Sep 30 2011

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More non-Tibetan Chinese choose Tibetan-style weddings
10:04, July 27, 2010  

More and more Chinese lovers from outside of Tibet are flocking to the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau to tie the not the Tibetan way, according to a report by Xinhua News Agency.

Mr. Jiang from Jiangsu province and Ms. Zhao from Beijing held a Tibetan-style wedding ceremony in the "holy city" of Lhasa on July 25.

"We met each other in Lhasa four years ago and we will never forget the experience and the feelings we shared here," Jiang said.

In a Tibetan-style yard, Ms. Zhao, wearing a tailor-made Tibetan wedding costume in red and yellow, and Mr. Jiang, in a Tibetan dress and boots, accepted blessings from relatives and friends. The new couple soaked themselves in the happiness amid pieces of white hada and "tashi delek" blessing words presented to them.

Holding a Tibetan-style ceremony in Tibet and taking wedding photos nearby the "holy mountains" and "sacred lakes" has become fashionable among Chinese lovers beyond Tibet. Holy, pure Tibet has become the top destination for numerous lovers.

Jiang said that like the lyrics in the Chinese song "Going back to Lhasa," which speaks of "snow-capped mountains, grasslands and mysterious Buddhist temples," a pure environment is more fitting to accommodate pure love.

The Fifth Namtso International Hike in Tibet held on July 25 was just themed "Harmonious Union of Lovers at the Heavenly Lake." A few Chinese lovers from regions beyond Tibet walked 40 kilometers to Tibet's heavenly Namtso Lake at an elevation 4,718 meters above sea level to make a promise of love. The organizer will also conduct a Tibetan-style campfire evening party near the lake and pray for the lovers against the backdrop of snowy mountains and lake water.

Major travel agencies in Tibet have also found business opportunities in Tibetan-style wedding ceremonies and launched related tourist products, organizing tourists to hold wedding ceremonies in Tibetan households, Namtso Lake or other places and take wedding photos. The products are popular with a great deal of tourists.

ByYe Xin, People's Daily Online


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