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00:49 Sep 30 2011

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What's in Dalai Lama's mind on his birthday? (2)
10:19, July 27, 2010  

Secondly, Dalai is ready to change his stance to "Independence of Tibet" and violence.

"Almost 99% are totally dedicated to non-violent methods. Few of the individuals may not be.” referred by the Dalai Lama in his interview, “I think 2008 in November we had this big meeting here and we asked the people and there were strong voices about independence and criticism of our approach”, when he was asked “So if the majority opinion within the community changes, you will be willing to change your position? ” he gave his answer “Have to.”

The change of Dalai’s position has caused great concern among quite a few international media because it articulate that he will switch his precious stand to ‘Independence of Tibet’ and violence, if someday, he fails to split Tibet from China through his “middle way” and his “non-violence” approach.

For those who know the truth must be pretty familiar that the Dalai Lama has actually been playing a double-dealing trick since he claimed his "middle way" approach in 1980s’. On the one hand, he publicly cheated the public by his "middle way" and "non-violence" approach to win more sympathy for himself, on the other hand, he underhandedly incited the infiltrating, destructive and violent activities. One of the most serious events was the riot happened in Lhasa on March 5, 1989 and March 14, 2008 respectively.

Besides, the Dalai Lama has never given any criticism towards or taken any control of those extremist organizations such as "Tibetan Youth Congress" who label themselves in favor of the position of "independence of Tibet", On the contrary, he encourage and supports them in the name of "pro-democracy" and "respect public opinion". Up till now, the majority of leaders in the Dalai Lama’s clique come from this Tibetan separatist organization. Therefore, the "Have to" attitude of Dalai only shows that he will disclose his "hidden face" to "hardline" from the previous "moderate" attitude.

However, time has made it clear that no matter how the Dalai Lama clique behave in front of the public, the fact that Tibet is part of China will never be changed, and the rapid development of Tibet in the big multi-ethnic Chinese family will never stop.

It is the Dalai Lama who should think over that if he abandon his approach of “middle way” and “non-violence”, will it be proper for him to keep the hat of the Nobel Peace Prize on his head? Moreover, will his backer continue to support him as what they used to before?

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