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01:15 Sep 30 2011

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Tibetologist: foreign media needs to change prejudice against Tibet
14:27, July 28, 2010  

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized foreign reporters in China to visit western China in 2010 to mark the 10th anniversary of the country's western development program with Tibet being the first site of the activity, and a reporter from the U.S.-based New York Times reported the visit to Tibet, according to the Global Times on July 26. Although the report covered the support provided by the Chinese government to Tibet's development, it still applied a sharp-tongued critique in the context.

According to Global Times, the report made by New York Times said the Chinese government invested 3 billion U.S. dollars in Tibet Autonomous Region in 2009 and rural Tibetans, nearly 40 percent of the region's population, have moved into new residences under a welfare housing program. The report admitted that Han Chinese such as workers, investors, and merchants are pouring into remote Tibet attempting to make Tibet wealthier, but it still hyped up the local disturbance created by the influx of China's massive amounts of funds and Han Chinese immigrants into Tibet.

Global Times interviewed domestic scholars in Tibetan study on the usual reporting tactics applied by foreign media agencies. Lian Xiangmin, a research fellow at the China Tibetology Research Center, said that plenty of similar misunderstandings lie in the fact that Westerners have yet to view Tibetans as Chinese. With such a premise, they will have a biased view of China's Tibet-related policies.

The investments by the central government in Tibet and the exchanges and flow of human resources under the rule of market economics all aim to help Tibetans lead prosperous lives instead of seeking to "win the support of Tibetans" and achieve the "assimilation of Tibet" through Han Chinese migration. Whatever views foreigners hold, it is critical to implement the policies well and make Tibetans satisfied.

He also mentioned that the reason behind such deep-rooted views held by westerners lie in years of overseas publicity by the Dalai Clique. The activity of opening up Tibet to foreign media will benefit their understanding of a real Tibet. The prejudice held by foreign media toward Tibet-related policies needs to be changed through more understanding.

Source: Global Time, July 26.


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