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01:59 Sep 30 2011

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600 vocational school students from Yushu to study in Shandong
10:00, July 30, 2010  

On July 27, an agreement was signed by the Education Bureau of Yushu Tibet Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Qinghai Province and 3 secondary schools from east China's Shandong Province to transfer 600 students from Yushu to Shandong to study this September.

Lai Ping, deputy director-general of the Provincial Education Department of Qinghai expressed her hope that the government of Yushu Prefecture should do well in the organization of the students and connection with the vocational schools in Shandong so as to improve their livelihood of the herders through development of education. Meanwhile, the administrators from Shandong schools should make more strict rules to ensure the students from Yushu study hard and achieve good results, she added.

Besides, a group of 8 Yushu instructors would also be sent to each of the recipient schools where they could improve their teaching methods through learning and practice.

Weifang Business School, Zibo Zichuan Vocational School and Ji'ning Jiaxiang Vocational School were the three recipients.

Zhao Lianping, chief of Shandong Provincial Division of Vocational Education and Continuing Education and headmasters of the above three schools visited the students, and vowed to help Yushu to go through the hard time through cooperation.

Yu Jianping, headmaster of Weifang Commercial School pointed out that they would provide students from Yushu with four 'bests': best faculty, best majors, best accommodations and best extracurricular activities so they would have an enriched school life in Shandong.

The 600 students together are set to arrive in Shandong this September. Every student would receive a 600-yuan subsidy per month in addition to free books, accommodations and transportation fee from the government.

By Jany China Tibet Information Center


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