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02:31 Sep 30 2011

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Earthquakes funds slow to reach victims, says National Audit Office
10:13, August 02, 2010  

Some of the donations for victims of the Yushu earthquake in Qinghai Province have not been turned in to relevant authorities as promised, the National Audit Office said Thursday.

Some organizations across the country have not followed up properly by turning in all the donations to relevant bodies in charge of ensuring that the people in the disaster zone benefit from the funds.

"It's not only a problem of money but more of good faith," Zhao Yunpeng, a vice Party secretary of China University of Political Science and Law, told the Global Times Thursday.

The audit released Thursday showed that most relevant departments gave the funds or materials to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Red Cross Society of China and China Charity Federation on time.

However, some have failed to send in about 162 million yuan ($23 million) in donations to the three bodies as they have promised.

Relevant authorities launched a rectification effort after the audit pointed out the problem and have received 126 million yuan last Thursday.

A 7.1-magnitude earthquake shook the prefecture on April 14 killing 2,698 people.
A top official surnamed Wang in the finance department of the Red Cross Society of China, told the Global Times Thursday that she had no knowledge about the problem.
"It is the Ministry of Civil Affairs that is responsible for the statistical work," she said.

Calls to the Ministry of Civil Affairs and China Charity Federation went unanswered Thursday.

Local authorities or major donors who have failed to keep their word, sometimes became targets of criticism.

Zhang Ziyi, a popular Chinese movie star, was criticized after it was revealed that 840,000 yuan out of 1 million yuan she pledged for victims of Sichuan earthquake actually made it to them.

Zhang blamed the problem with a lack of philanthropic experience and said she rectified the problem in March.

Source: Global Times


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