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02:35 Sep 30 2011

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Drepung Monastery workgroup leaders visit on-duty army guards
14:27, August 02, 2010  

On occasion of the 83rd anniversary of the People's Liberation Army of China which falls on August 1, the leading committee of the Drepung Monastery workgroup of China's Tibet Autonomous Region paid a visit and sent festival greetings to the on-duty army officers and soldiers.

Thubten Tsewang, head of the workgroup and vice director of the standing committee of the Tibet Regional People's Congress, fully recognized the contributions of the army guards in charge of the security and stability of Drepung Monastery and the entire region.

He said: "Our respectable comrades were engaged in securing the locals to attend their own families living afar. They treated the local people just as their family members, and respected everything here as original in Tibet. Our local people were grateful to our patronal protectors. "

The on-duty army officers and soldiers expressed thanks and vowed to remember the eminent responsibilities and holy obligation to dare to sacrifice and continue to contribute more for the harmony, security and development of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Source: China Tibet Information Center


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