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02:50 Sep 30 2011

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Art expo shows Tangka culture in Tibet
10:45, August 03, 2010  

The first Tangka Art Expo kicked off in Tibet on Aug. 2, and more than 50 Tangka painters displayed their painting techniques at the expo.

Tangka is an outstanding art form representative of national intangible cultural heritage and Chinese culture. Compared to other traditional handicrafts, Tibetan Tangka art contains many more techniques. It has much value as an art form because it covers religious culture, ethnic groups' aesthetics and Tibetan customs.

Tangka painters belonging to different painting groups participated in the Tangka Art Expo. Every painter will have a live show over two and a half days and be judged by Tibetan Tangka experts.

The Tangka Art Expo consists of four sections, including a hand-drawing technique show, appraisal, a Tangka industry TV forum and promotion of Tangka products.

By Wangqianyuanxue, People's Daily Online


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