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03:14 Sep 30 2011

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China invests more than 1.1 billion yuan to restore grasslands
14:59, August 04, 2010  

The Chinese government has invested more than 1.1 billion yuan to return pastures into grasslands in the Tibet Autonomous Region since the project was launched in 2004, according to the Tibet Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department.

As the grassland ecosystem function was obviously enhanced and the phenomenon of soil surface erosion was reduced, the trend of grassland degradation has effectively been contained.

In recent years, the central government invested a large amount of money to improve the ecological environment in agricultural and pastoral areas in Tibet. Tibet's sustainable development was further enhanced.

The ecological environment of the project regions has improved through the implementation of several projects, such as returning pastures to grasslands, constructing grasslands and producing rural domestic biogas.

The rural domestic biogas project is going well. By the end of 2009, a total of 122,000 households and 610,000 farmers and herdsmen in Tibet were using clean biogas, slashing the consumption of biomass resources, such as trees and grass, and also effectively protecting environmental resources.

In addition, the Tibet Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department launched grassland monitoring to pay close attention to pest and rat control. It also completed Tibet's first census of agricultural pollution and further expanded the scope and depth of ecological environment protection in agriculture and pastoral areas.

By People's Daily Online


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