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03:57 Sep 30 2011

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Sports develop rapidly in Tibet
15:37, August 06, 2010  

In recent years, sports has been developing rapidly in all aspects thanks to the efforts by the staff of the sports departments at various levels of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), who work very hard in a pioneering spirit upholding a scientific approach to development.

The Sports has been developing steadily in communities and residential areas of farmers and herders. It is estimated that there are 317 fitness projects, 430 farmer-oriented fitness projects as well as other 35 projects in TAR. A total of 1377 coaches at different levels have been trained and approved more than 700 sports activities have been conducted among ordinary people in TAR.

The competition capacity has been strengthened continuously and some achievements have been made in sports. According to statistics, altogether 71 medals have been won by Tibetan sportsmen home and aboard with 19 breaking the TAR record. Three Tibetan sportsmen have become national-level athletes and six judges have been upgraded to China's national level judges.

Specifically, at the 11th National Games, the Tibetan sportsmen won two and a half bronze medals, while at the 5th East Asian Games, one gold medal and two bronze medals in Taekwondo were awarded, demonstrating the high level of sports in TAR.

Great progress has been made steadily in mountaineering with remarkable results achieved.

TAR sportsmen topped successively four peaks at an altitude of above 8000 meters including Broad Peak, Makalu Peak, Chogolisa Peak and Gasherbrum I Peak, which has fulfilled their ambitious objective of climbing up to 14 8000-meter-high peaks of over within14 years as a group.

During the Torch Relay process of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, altogether 72 mountaineers conquered the Qomolangma and 19 of them successfully passed on the torch at the top of Qomolangma.

In recent years, there were 387 mountaineers who have climbed up to mountains at an elevation of 8000 meters including the Qomolangma with 23 of them reaching the international level and 13 the national level.

The sports industry has been taken into shape and developing rapidly. More than 700 mountaineering teams with 12000 fans have been received by the Mountaineering Association of Tibet Autonomous Region. Sports lotteries worth 300 million yuan have been sold, from which a fund of 87 million yuan was collected as financial support to the public welfare and development of sports. Two automobile Assembly Games from Lhasa to Kathmandu has been held and International Semi-journey Marathon Challenge has been held four times in Lhasa, which explored the possibility of and accumulated experience in the development of brand sports events of TAR.

Source: China Tibet Information Center


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