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08:19 Sep 30 2011

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College student video, photo contest kicks off in Lhasa
11:24, August 23, 2010  

Students gathered in Lhasa on Aug 19.

Students from more than 50 universities gathered in Lhasa to participate in the "Tibet in My Eyes" digital video and photography competition on Aug. 19.

The competition includes Tibetan scenery, Tibetan culture and customs as well as Tibetan construction and aims to reflect the real life in Tibet.

The opening ceremony of the competition held in Lhasa on Aug 19.

The competitors will use their cameras to record the unique Tibetan culture and customs along with the beautiful scenery of Tibet. At the same time, they will use depictions of common people and everyday happenings to show the significant achievements in economic construction and cultural development that Tibet has experienced since democratic reforms in 1959, especially the economic reforms conducted in Tibet 32 years ago.

The press time for the competition is Nov. 10, 2010.

By Wang Qianyuanxue, People's Daily Online


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