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08:57 Sep 30 2011

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Cultural volunteers perform in Lhoka
11:19, August 24, 2010  

Tibetan actors perform on the stage.

  On Aug. 19 and 20, cultural volunteers from Chongqing Municipality presented wonderful performances in Dranang County, Chongye County and Zetang Township of Nedong County of Lhoka Prefecture, southwest China's TibetAutonomous Region (TAR).

  Altogether 38 cultural volunteers performed singing and dancing, acrobatics, folk arts and magic etc. to local Tibetans and won warm applause from them.

  The oldest of these cultural volunteers is a 58-year-old Sichuan opera actor named Tang Chengzhong, whose face changing performance of is well received.

  The local Tibetan artists and heirs of intangible cultural heritage also performed unique Tibetan singing and dancing, especially the Gorshie dance, Dranang County's national intangible cultural heritage, leaving the Chongqing cultural volunteers a deep impression.

  The Chongqing cultural volunteers are to stage the last performance in Tohlung Dechen of Lhasa, capital city of TAR.
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