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11:07 Sep 30 2011

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Basum holds cultural festival to promote fresh tourist products
16:44, August 30, 2010  

"Xincuo Trekking" -a fresh tourist program was highlighted at the sixth Basum Gongbu Custom & Tourism Culture Festival, which kicked off in the Gongbo Gyamda County, Nyingchi, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Dubbed as "earthly paradise", Xincuo is a newly-developed tourist site around the Basum Lake Tourist Zone, featured with primitive trees and scarce tourist traces.

Basum Lake, "a blue lake under three rocks" in Tibetan language, is a holy lake according to Tibetan Buddhist teachings. Tourists there are favored to see distinct sceneries in different seasons involving snowy mountain, lakes, forests, meadows, historic sites and ancient temples.

Renowned as the "Ecological Musume on the Roof of the World", Basum Lake ranks as the first-batch national-level AAAAA tourist site in 2007. Thanks to promotion activities during various tourist and cultural festivals, Basum Lake sees increasingly rising reputation and popularity.

Along with the development of ecological tourism in Nyingchi, Basum Lake, as one of the key tourist sites, has refreshed its record of tourists for several times. In 2009, it received about 100,000 tourists, up 500% than that of 2008. As expected, more tourists with a 50% growth will be hosted.

According to a staff worker with Tibet Tourism Co., Ltd, Basum Lake Tourist Zone will continue to bring out new tourism products in 2011.

Some villas and hotels are designed to be established in Jieba County next year and will provide tourists with more entertainment activities, such as lake-bank sunbathing and fire balloon.



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