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11:34 Sep 30 2011

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By Road: traffic jam resurrects on Beijing-Tibet Expressway
09:06, September 01, 2010  

Trucks heading to Beijing get stuck in traffic on the Beijing- Tibet Expressway on August 16, photo from CFP.

Reports of the demise of the great traffic jam on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway appear to have been greatly exaggerated.

The jam returned on Friday after a four-day lull from August 23 to 26, according to a report on the China National Radio (CNR) website.

Over 5,000 vehicles sat on the highway, creating a 60-kilometer stretch of gridlock from Dongyanghe toll station in Hebei Province to the Xinghe section in Inner Mongolia.

Although road and bridge repairs were said to have contributed to the congestion, the Beijing Public Security Bureau chief told the Beijing News that "overweight trucks" on the highway are the root cause of the jam.

The Beijing Traffic Management Bureau has estimated that road work on the expressway will be completed by September 16, and an overloaded truck information database will be set up for better regulation, said police chief Fu Zhenghua while touring a Beijing-Hebei toll station in Yanqing county and the National Expressway 110 (G110) on Sunday.

Trucks weighing more than four tons are not allowed on the Beijing section of the highway, according to the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau.

The database would monitor repeat offenders and blacklist drivers of overweight vehicles, according to the Beijing News.

The first incarnation of the persistent traffic jam on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway stretched more than 100 kilometers starting August 14, making global headlines. On June 30, an IBM study rated Beijing's traffic as the world's worst.

Source: Global Times


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