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13:19 Sep 30 2011

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Hoh Xil to apply for World Heritage
16:41, September 07, 2010  

Hoh Xil National Nature Reserve is going to start the feasibility investigation and application for UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program (MAB) and the previous work for applying World Heritage has already begun.

After more than ten years of anti-poaching and habitat protection, the criminal activities such as Tibetan antelope poaching, have been restrained effectively. The group numbers of wild yaks, Tibetan wild donkeys, golden eagle, Tibetan gazelle and steppe cat are continuing to rise.

Hoh Xil Tibetan antelopes rescue service center has successfully carried out artificial breeding and feeding operations among Tibetan antelopes four times. This has laid the foundations for Tibetan antelopes to artificially breed and do off-site breeding.

By Wang Qianyuanxue, People's Daily Online


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