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13:21 Sep 30 2011

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Nearly 42,000 farmers, herdsmen profit from Tibet tourism
18:29, September 07, 2010  

Tourism has become an important means for Tibetan farmers and herdsmen to increase incomes and the number of Tibetan farmers and herdsmen in the tourism service industry has reached nearly 42,000.

Family inns are one of the most important ways for the farmers and herdsmen to participate in the tourism industry. In order to tap the potentials of rural tourism and regular the service standard, Tibet Tourism Bureau has set family hotel star-rating criterias. There are 255 family inns have already passed the evaluation to date.

According to Tibet Tourism Bureau, they will cooperate with financial and agriculture and husbandry department to integrating funds and arrange the rural tourism projects.

In addition, Tibet will also attract more investigations, encourage enterprises to participate in the development and construction and set preferential policies to help the farmers and herdsmen take part in the tourism reception service and promote their incomes and employments.

By Wang Qianyuanxue, People's Daily Online


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