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14:33 Sep 30 2011

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Storm causes widespread flood in Lhoka, Tibet
16:26, September 10, 2010  

Recently strong storms have caused widespread flood in the Lhoka Prefecture, according to the Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).

No casualties have been reported so far.

Counties nearby including Nedong, Chongye and Konggar were seriously hit by the flood.

In seriously-hit Gonggar County, the flood poured into 43 residential houses,destroyed some 100 meters of the dike, 1,930 meters of the roads, 20 meters of the channels, and 7 bridges and left 47.75 mu of cropland blasted, resulting in economic losses up to 1.462 million yuan.

On June 20, continuous rainfall has triggered landslide and mudslide in the Chongye County, causing a dam burst which damaged 16 mu of the cropland and 70 mu of the grassland.

In addition, secondary disasters caused by the flood are threatening the safety of lives and properties of about 260 people from 70 households and 900 mu of cropland in the Chongye County.

To date, 338 mu of cropland was damaged and 200 meters of dike and 2 kilomters of the country road were destroyed by the flood in local Layu Village in Chongye County.

Shortly after the disastrous flood occurred, joint investigations over the flood-hit areas were launched by the Lohka Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, Civil Affairs Bureau and Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Bureau, followed by an emergent response to deal with the disaster.

Source: China Tibet Online


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