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16:49 Sep 30 2011

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China's Tibetologist delegation: Tibetan culture well preserved
15:35, September 19, 2010  

Delegation members believe that China's Tibetan culture, Tibetan cultural relics and language all are under sound protection, according to a press conference held in Australia in Sydney On Sept. 17.

Tsering Gyalpo said that as a researcher of Tibetans and Tibetan culture, he has been impressed most by the fact that the Tibetan language is not only under proper protection, but it has also been well integrated with modern computer technology.

The introduction of computer technology and the popularity of the Internet have provided the learning, development and usage of the Tibetan language with a new platform. Domestically-developed, advanced Tibetan editing, laser typesetting and electronic publishing systems have already been widely applied in Tibet and the number of Tibetan application software has been on the increase. There has also been major progress in the standardization of Tibetan technical terms and information technology.

A delegation member said according to the results of China's third national cultural relics census started in 2007, there are nearly 4,300 registered cultural spots in Tibet. According to the latest information announced on Sept. 11, the government has allocated more than 40 million yuan to renovate the cultural relics in the Sera Monastery.

The delegation member said that Tibet currently has a total of about 880 elementary schools, 1,100 teaching points and the number of students at school has reached 310,000, with the enrollment rate surpassing 98 percent. There are 96 junior high schools, with the enrollment rate exceeding 92 percent. The state has invested heavily in elementary school education in Tibet and implemented preferential policies such as free tuition fees and living expenses for students.

The central government's fund appropriation and other assistance from cities and provinces have comprehensively advanced the development of elementary school education in Tibet. It can be said that the basic education in Tibet is in the best period of development.

Speaking of the implementation of religious policy, Tsering Gyalpo said that the Tibetan people fully enjoy the freedom of religious belief and their religious belief is protected by law. In terms of the maintenance of religious facilities, the central government has invested heavily and has published a number of valuable religious books.

By People's Daily Online


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