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17:03 Sep 30 2011

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Plaque: signal of "Tibet Independence" and Violence
13:37, September 20, 2010  

A plaque-unveiling ceremony for "commemorating" the "Tibetan Freedom Fighter" and their American drillmasters from 1958 to 1964 was held at Camp Hale of central Colorado, the US by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and US Forest Service on September 10, according to foreign media reports. Officials of US Forest Service, some US councilors together with once-trained Tibetans, former CIA agents, as well as the local organizations of the Dalai clique attended the ceremony.

Trainees of those very years were flattered as "the best and bravest of their generation" by the plaque and the US Congress senators claimed "the plaque is a symbol for the joint efforts of the Tibetan people and the American people. At the same time, the plaque can remind us to remember the Tibetan Freedom Fighters and their drill masters forever."

To commemorate the dirtiest, cheekiest and darkest actions in 1950-1960s for inciting the "Free Tibet" and armed rebellion, it really deserves our further thinking about it. From this point, it is indeed a good plaque as it can help people recall the criminal history when the 14th Dalai Lama secretly collaborated with the CIA to overturn New China's regime; it is really a good plaque because it exposes the violent face of the Dalai clique as well as the true aim of some foreigners and the Dalai Lama for "Free Tibet" by violence at any time.

The truth of the Camp Hale

After the Second World War, the US began to poke its hand at "Tibet issue" directly, intending to curb the liberation of the Chinese people, and did harm to China's unification by taking advantage of the upper reactionary clique. As early as 1954, CIA set out to recruit secret agents among Tibetans and trained them overseas, who were sent back to Tibet to conduct armed rebellion and bloody campaign of violence. Those who were in charge of contacting the US and recruiting secret agents were nobody but Tubdain Norbu, the eldest brother of the Dalai Lama and Gyalo Thondup, the second elder brother of the Dalai Lama. In the spring of 1956, a rebel forces "Chushi Gangdruk" in western Sichuan Province was defeated utterly and whisked into Lhasa, which was taken as a difficult-to-meet opportunity to lend hand on Tibet, split China by America. Alle Dulles, director of CIA at that time said:" We shall provide secret supports to those Tibetan insurgents to harass China."

In the same year, Tubdain Norbu and Gyalo Dondrup went to Calcutta to ask for military assistance from CIA and then made a deal successfully. The United States gave the consent right away to provide trainings for the "Khampa guerrilla fighters" and then send them back after training to support the local rebels.

The training base was set up on Ryukyu Islands and the Saipan Islands at first, and later had to move to the Camp Hale deep among the Rocky Mountains, where was similar with the terrain of Tibet at the 10,000 feet above sea level to avoid the physical discomforts of the Tibetan trainees.

"Denver Post" reported a military base would soon be put in use at Camp Hale in Colorado on July 16, 1957. A plaque written with "Danger! Do not close" was hanging at the entrance of the camp to mislead the climbers thinking as the nuclear waste disposal site.

All the guards at the camp get the order to shot any intruders on sight. It was in that remote secret base, over 170 (some witnesses said around 300) rebels chosen by the CIA and the Dalai clique successively received various skills such as blasting, wiretapping, transmitter-receivers and bush fighting.According to the U.S. financial allocation plan in 1964, the cost for the secret training base was 400,000 USD. However, the travel expenses for trained Tibetans reached 355,000 USD, and the expenses for Guerrilla organization hit 500,000 USD with 225,000 USD for equipment and transportation costs. For those trainees singled out at that time did not know where to go and even did not know what would be waiting for them.

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