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17:56 Sep 30 2011

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Chinese Tibetologists visit New Zealand
09:14, September 25, 2010  

A Chinese delegation of Tibetologists met with a group of New Zealand members of parliament in Wellington on Thursday and exchanged views on Tibet.

Dr. Ben Jiao, Deputy Director of Nationality Research Institute of Tibet Academy of Social Scenes, briefed the MPs on the environmental protection in Tibet. He said, with the rapid economic development in Tibet in recent years, the Chinese government has attached great importance to the environmental protection, and have established many natural reserves in Tibet.

Since the Qinhai-Tibet railway put in operation three years ago, the wild animals and vegetation along the railway have been effectively protected, he added.

The Tibetologists also held discussions with the Chinese communities in Wellington on Thursday.

Tsering Gyalpo, director of Religious Research Institute of Tibet Academy of Social Sciences, told Xinhua in an interview that they hoped to introduce a true Tibet to the New Zealander through their visit.

The Tibetologists arrived in Wellington on Wednesday following their visit to Australia. They will also New Zealand's largest city of Auckland.

Source: Xinhua


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