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22:43 Sep 27 2011

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Tibet:The Holy Land
13:18, September 25, 2010  

From March to October, the climate is mild and humid. This is the best season to travel in Tibet.

Tibet, the Roof of the World, for centuries the mysterious Buddhist holy place, is locked away in its mountain fastness of Himalaya, and has exercised a unique hold on the imagination of the west. For adventurers and traders it was a land of treasure and riches. Tibet is without doubt one of the most remarkable places to visit in Asia. It offers fabulous monastery sights, breathtaking high-altitude treks, and stunning views of the world's highest mountains and some of the nicest people you will ever meet. As the capital city of Tibet, Lhasa is rightly one of the most featured and dreamt-about cities in the world. This is not only because of its remoteness, its high altitude at 3,650 meters (11,975 feet) means limited accessibility, but also because of its impressive heritage of over a thousand years of cultural and spiritual history that has helped to create the romantic and mysterious Tibetan religion.

In Lhasa, you can spend a day taking photos of people in the Lhasa market—Barkhor Street. All the various peoples and goods makes for a collage of colors.

In Lhasa, watching dawn from the mountain above the Drepung Temple,you will find what a wonderful world!

In Lhasa, you can look out at the starlit sky and silhouetted mountains from the top of one of the open roof top bars in Lhasa. Your interest of reading the love poems of Tsangyang Gyatso will be aroused. "Let me live in your hearts, Moran love, Quiet Joy…."

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