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18:24 Sep 30 2011

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28,000 international mountaineers go to Tibet in past five years
11:30, September 27, 2010  

With hundreds of mountains over 6,000 meters above the sea level, the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) has received more than 28,000 mountaineers from around 40 countries and regions since 2005, according to source from the reelection conference of Tibet Mountaineering Association.

Boasting the highest peak in the world, Tibet is a magnet for international mountaineers and sports fans. Mountaineering has become a symbol of sports in Tibet.

Established in 1981, the Tibet Mountaineering Association is the only organization in charge of managing mountaineering activities and issuing permits to foreign mountaineers in the region.

Foreigners, either an individual or a team, who wants to go climbing in Tibet, should submit applications to the association. After approval, the association will make all the necessary arrangements for foreign mountaineers.

Taking advantage of the abundant mountain resources, the Tibet Mountaineering Association has actively established contact with foreign countries for exchanges.

In recent year, the association has established a friendly relationship with mountaineering organizations in Japan, Nepal, Korea, Italy, Pakistan, etc. and provided service in organizing and managing the activities of foreign mountaineering teams in China.

Moreover, local people in the vicinity of the mountains have received a total income of 48.42 million yuan by offering mountaineering service such as lending Tibetan yaks, etc. in the past five years, which has become a major way for them to increase income.

Tibet also pays attention to environmental protection in developing mountaineering activities.

In 2009, the region earmarked a special fund to clear up garbage left on the mountains over 6,500 meters above the sea level, which doubtlessly helped increase the mountaineers' awareness of environmental protection.

The Tibet Mountaineering Association also built up a training center, where batches of professional Tibetan mountaineers have been given training. .Some of the locally trained mountaineers have successfully conquered 14 mountains with the elevation of over 8,000 meters,and participated in the 2008 Olympic torch relay on the top of Mt. Qomolangma, the highest point on Earth.

Besides, the Tibet Mountaineering Association set up a company to provide guidance and coordination services for mountaineers from home and abroad, which has not only promoted employment of local farmers and herdsmen but also boosted the local sports industry.

By Mirenda Wu China Tibet Information Center


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