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19:08 Sep 30 2011

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Tibet invests 8.45 mln yuan to renovate Nenying Chode Monastery
13:33, September 30, 2010  

The renovation project of the Nenying Chode Monastery kicks off Sept. 29, photo by Jan from China Tibet Online.

The renovation project of the Nenying Chode Monastery kicked off on Sept.29, with 8.45 million yuan allocated for the Wuzi main hall, scripture hall, Sere Dratsang, wall and ruins.

"The monastery is in poor condition. For one thing, it was destroyed in the fight against British invading troop in June, 1904; for another, it has eroded away over time," said Jingpa Lodro, director-general of the Cultural Relic Bureau of Shigatse Prefecture. "The renovation is required to strictly follow the design and principle of the renovation plan. Besides, construction workers are informed of laws and regulation of cultural relics protectionin a bid to ensure the smooth advancement of the renovation."

At an altitude of 4100 meters, the Nenying Chode Monastery is not only an important historical and cultural relic, but also a monument of the fight against foreign invaders in the Chinese history.

With a history of over 1000 years, the Nenying Chode Monastery has been listed as the key historic and cultural site under state protection.

The project is scheduled to be completed in one year.

By Jan China Tibet Information Center


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