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20:09 Sep 30 2011

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Lhamoi Lhatso Lake---the place to see your fortune
09:38, October 08, 2010  

Sitting at an altitude of 5,000 meters, the Lhamoi Lhatso is a holy lake in the eyes of Tibetan people that is believed to be able to project the will of god.

Senior lamas come to observe the lake before searching for the reincarnation boy, while for common people and believers, they always try to find "hints" of their life by staring at shadow reflected on the lake.

People murmur on the top of the mountain so that they would not disturb the god of the mountain and the lake. Standing at the peak and staring at the lake, the only thing you can do up there is concentrating yourself to see the fortune of your own life.

Buddhist believers are praying in front of Lhamoi Lhatso Lake, photo from China Tibet Online.

Birds are flying high by Lhamoi Lhatso Lake, photo from China Tibet Online.

By Jan China Tibet Information Center
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