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22:52 Sep 27 2011

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A Nobel Peace Prize or a trick?---Guard against the scheme of containing China from western forces
10:45, October 13, 2010  

A signed article released Tuesday by Yiduo struck out at the 14th Dalai Lama and Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo for both being granted Nobel Peace Prizes.

On October 8, 2010, the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo as the laureate of 2010 Nobel Peace Prize who had committed the crime of inciting to subvert the state power of China.

The author here wants to unveil the scheme of western powers to contain China.

It has a long history that western forces exert great efforts to making troubles for China. The event of "Liu Xiaobo and the Nobel Peace Prize" is one of them. Since 2008, some western countries delivered threatening words to Beijing Olympic Games. They asked the Chinese government to make a concession in "Tibet issues".

Up to date, the western world has practiced consecutively trade protectionist actions against China, such as appreciation of RMB. However, the worse impact from currency revaluation for China is significant.

The article from Mr. Yiduo pointed out, "Chinese Premier Wen made it clear that if the exchange rate of RMB increased by 20-40% as someone requested, a mass of Chinese export enterprises would go bankrupt and workers would lose their jobs, which will lead a return of the migrant workers and the instability of the society."

The purpose and benefits of doing this for those western powers is obviously. Some malicious acts have been produced continually.

"At the same time, some countries held large-scale military exercises frequently around the sea of China, carried the aircraft carrier near the sea of China, interfered in the South China Seaissue, plotted the Diaoyu Islands Incident and threw various versions of the Chinese military threat constantly," according to Yiduo's article.

Therefore, insurgents and western forces will not stop playing their tricks. The Incident of awarding Liu Xiaobo with the Nobel Peace Prize is just one of them.

Since the founding of People's Republic of China, some western forces have engaged in attacking and making sanctions against new China continually. However, Chinese people have never expected the applause from the western world nor feared their pressure. China sticks to its own way despite the requirements from the west, and then it has become more stable and stronger than ever before. The role what China plays on the world is definitely increasingly important. Right now, some western powers played their old tricks, in hope for a magical effect from the story that Liu Xiaobo awarded the Peace Prize. As some western journalists eagerly waited for "the impact on the Chinese Mainland would greater than any similar events ever before", "could promote China's democratic process", bringing some troubles, triggering unrest and chaos to the Chinese society at best. The autistic thought is too puerile and chimerical to face the truth.

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