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21:58 Sep 30 2011

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Book published to uncover separatist purpose of Dalai Lama clique
10:44, October 15, 2010  

A book titled "Collection of Policy & Law on the Rule of Tibet from Yuan Dynasty to Republic of China" was currently published in Beijing.

Divided into four chapters, the book was compiled in the traditional style of Chinese historical records, assembling documents of laws and regulations the Central Government issued to govern southwestern China's Tibet from Yuan Dynasty till Republic of China.

The author has conducted careful studies on and clearer classification towards the documents and laws regarding China's former management of Tibet, from a full-spectrum perspective of modern political science, administration management, law, finance and politics, education and culture, religious policies, defense and foreign affairs.

Experts said, the book has great academic value and practical significance as a powerful proof that China has been exercising effective sovereignty over Tibet since the Yuan Dynasty with ample historical records.

The book will not only help people to better understand "Tibet is an inalienable and important part of China since ancient times", but also provide eloquent historical evidence to unveil the real separatist purpose of the Dalai Lama clique and the so-called "Tibet issue".

Published by the Xuyuan Publishing House, the compilation of the book was presided by the Ethnic Minority Groups Development Research Institute of Development Research Center of State Council and wrote by Zhang Shuangzhi, scholar from the Historical Academy of Beijing Normal University.

By Mirenda Wu China Tibet Information Center


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