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22:45 Sep 30 2011

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18 new ethnic medicines added to Tibetan medical insurance catalog
16:22, October 19, 2010  

The newly revised "medicine catalog for basic medical insurance, job injury insurance and maternity insurance in Tibet Autonomous Region", "medicine catalog" in short as come into effect from Sept.1, 2010, according to source from the regional social security department.

"Medicine catalog" is known to include western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. According to basic medical insurance payment regulations, reimbursable medicine costs are classified into Type A and Type B: Type A medicine will be totally paid by the medical insurance system while Type B will be partially paid by patients on a certain ratio.

Compared with the "medicine catalog" released in 2005, more traditional Chinese and ethnic medicines are added into the basic medical insurance, job injury insurance and maternity insurance system across the region. After the adjustment, the catalog has listed altogether 1,078 types of traditional Chinese medicine, 159 kinds of ethnic medicine and another 1,274 types of western medicine.

Among all listed medicines, western medicines consist of 349 kinds of Type A medicine and 925 kinds of Type B medicine. For Chinese medicine, 154 kinds are recognized as Type A and the other 924 kinds Type B medicine.

With improved medical insurance system, local Tibetans now enjoy better medical conditions.

Source: China Tibet Information Center


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