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00:24 Oct 01 2011

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Research Institute on News Communication & Social Development of Tibet established
10:46, October 26, 2010  

The Research Institute on News Communication and Social Development of Tibet was officially established on October 24 at the 2nd National Forum on Information Dissemination and Social Development in Ethnic Minority Areas of China.

Jointly established by Tibet Institute for Nationalities and Renmin University of China, the research institute is the first of its kind specializing on the studies of journalism and communication of Tibet.

The Minzu University of China has rich academic resources while Tibet Institute for Nationalities enjoys a unique advantage of Tibet news communication. Thus the cooperation between the two institutions will set up a high-level platform for studying news communication in ethnic minority areas of China, said Zhou Decang, head of the Research Institute on News Communication and Social Development of Tibet, and vice president of Tibet Institute for Nationalities.

Source: China Tibet Information Center


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