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00:28 Oct 01 2011

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'Great Beauty of Tibet' travel cards to be unveiled
15:18, October 26, 2010  

Tibet has launched the "Visiting Tibet in Winter" Project, and will unveil the "Great Beauty of Tibet" travel cards in mid-November. Visitors will enjoy a discount if they use the cards to pay their bills, the Tibet Tourism Bureau disclosed.

Ten well-designed tour routes will be launched for visitors from all over the world, including the "Tibetan New Year Feast," and the "Wedding in a Sacred Place." The organizer will invite 1,000 spouses-to-be from across the country to conduct wedding ceremonies in Tibet.

They can first fly to Nyingchi or Lhasa then visit the immense forest in Lulang, the Basum Lake, the Potala Palace, the Jokhang Temple, the Luobulin Fortress or other scenic spots. Their weddings will be exactly like those of Tibetans, and they can take wedding photos in the Potala Palace Square so as to capture the moments of happiness.

By People's Daily Online


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