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03:36 Oct 01 2011

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Thangka painting exhibition to stage in Beijing
11:16, November 08, 2010  

An exhibition of Thangka paintinngs, traditional Tibetan silk painting with embroidery, is scheduled to be showcased at the Cultural Palace of Nationalities, Beijing from November 16 to 22, 2010.

Apart from regular display of Thangka paintings, painting materials, the exhition will invite renowned Thangka painters to show their skills on the spot, hold lectures to demonstrate the great achievements made on its inheritance, protection and development, according to Ms Liang, a principal from one of the sponsors.

More than 70 Thangka masterpieces painted and themed in various styles will be exhibited, offering visitors a relatively clear picture of Thangka art, a unique Tibetan art which always attracts people with a strong visual impact.

On the aspect of Thangka painters, the exhibition stresses its group of contemporay Tibetan artists, who strictly inherit the traditional painting skills and strive to insert fresh ideas and feelings on painting materials, colors, composition etc. without breaking out of the core rules.

Sponsors of the exhibition have invited 11 well-known Thangka painters to draw on the spot, especially painters of mandala, an exquisite religious art of the Tibetan Buddhism to unveil its mysterious face.

Besides, Dampa Rabten, professor from Art School of Tibet University and master of Thangka painting will hold a three-day lecture in Makye Ame Resaurant (Tuanjiehu Branch) on November 13-15 to recount the past, present and future of Thangka art for visitors.

The Thangka has been inscribed as the first batch of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage.



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