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05:43 Oct 01 2011

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Qinghai Lake sees over 1,000 swans
11:30, November 16, 2010  

Dubbed as the most beautiful lake in China, Qinghai Lake in northwest China's Qinghai Province recently reported that thousands of swans have migrated in for the winter, which revitalized the lonesome wintry lake.

After a large-scale patrol at all 24 bird monitoring points around the Lake from October 26 to 30, the Administration Bureau of Qinghai Lake State Nature Reserve has recorded nearly 28,000 birds in 29 species, with a majority of red-mouth Pochard, tufted ducks and green-winged teals as well as a total of 1,837 swans.

"During this patrol, we have found swans on the Egg Island, Cormorant Island, Buha River and other wetlands around Qinghai Lake. The number of swans is gradually increasing and Qinghai Lake has sort of become a 'Swan Lake'," said He Yubang, vice head of the Administration Bureau.

"Thanks to the eco-environmental improvement, these swans have begun to arrive as early as in July, which was never recorded in the past. Over 60 swans were first observed around the Quanwan Wetland back on July 29," he added.

As the biggest inland saltwater lake in China, Qinghai Lake is the main habitat for swans under secondary state-level protection to pass the cold winter.



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