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06:16 Oct 01 2011

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Visitors impressed by Thangka on Exhibition of Tibetan Cultural Week
10:01, November 18, 2010  

Visitors look at the photos during the Week of the 2010 China Tibetan Culture in Madrid, Spain, Nov. 15, 2010.

The rich culture of Tibet is spreading across Spain this week. Tibetan Culture Week opened in Madrid on Monday.

Want the Cliff's Notes to Tibetan culture? Think Thangka. With a history of over one thousand years, Thangka is honored as an mini-encyclopedia of Tibet.

Visitor said, I've heard so much about Thangka and finally I could see it today. It's so amazing, so exquisite. The exhibition is great.

Along with over 30 Thangkas are more than 80 photos captured through the lens of photographers from China and abroad.

Visitor said, The exhibition is interesting. It helps us to learn about the real Tibet. There are lots of people who don't know much about Tibet in Spain.

More than 60 artists and scholars from the Tibetan Autonomous Region and more than 200 guests from Spain took part in the opening ceremony. After a stop at Madrid, the ten day event will then head to the port city of Valencia.

Source: Xinhua


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