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07:42 Oct 01 2011

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Chinese experts advance research on Tibet
10:19, November 24, 2010  

Chinese Tibetologists have made a series of achievements this year, including in the Tibetan language, that will help boost economic and social development in the region, according to the China Tibetology Research Center.

Research on the Tibetan language advanced, especially in applied fields, Lhagpa Phuntshogs, director-general of the center, said Tuesday at a Tibetology forum.

Lhagpa Phuntshogs noted that one book, Research on the Tibetan Characters, records recent achievements in the nature, construction, and application attributes of the Tibetan writing system.

The book, published in August by the Social Sciences Academic Press, contains research on pronunciation, coding, picture symbols and the transliteration of Tibetan into Latin characters.

In addition, Lhagpa Phuntshogs introduced a series of surveys and reports concerning major Tibetan economic and social development issues, including surveys on education and the traits of the Tibetan farming industry.

Chinese Tibetologists will advance research on the social structure of the Tibetan ethnic group to help improve Tibetans' livelihood, industrial structure and environment, Lhagpa Phuntshogs said.

He also stressed the importance of research on and protection of rare Tibetan literature and other intangible cultural heritage.

Source: Xinhua


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