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09:08 Oct 01 2011

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"2010 China Tibetan Culture Week" wraps up in Madrid
10:09, November 30, 2010  

"2010 China Tibetan Culture Week" was officially called an end in Madrid, capital of Spain on Nov.25, 2010.

It is for the first time that the Chinese government organized such a comprehensive cultural exhibition with the theme of Tibet in Spain, showing impressive traditional Tibetan ethnic culture and local custom, as well as vigorous developments and local people's improved living standard today in Tibet.

The ten-day event consisted of three parts, "Snow-covered Plateau" Thangka and Photograph Exhibition, "Charming Tibet" singing and dancing performances, and "Listening to Tibet" dialogue and lectures by Chinese Tibetologists and Tibetan medicine experts.

Altogether over 30 Thangka paintings and 80 photographs done by famous artists from China, Spain and other countries were displayed at the Thangka and photograph exhibition, presenting today's Tibet in various aspects of culture, religion, natural scenery and modern society.

More than 30 artists presented performances integrated with Tibetan traditional and modern characteristics, winning enormous popularity among local visitors.

Four Tibetologists and Tibetan medicine experts lectured for and communicated with the local people, detailing Tibet's development over the past 60 years and unveiling the venerable Tibetan medicine.

The "Tibetan cultural week", co-sponsored by China's State Council Information Office, the People's Government of Tibet Autonomous Region and the Chinese embassy in Spain, kicked off in Madrid on Nov.15, being promoted both in Madrid and Valencia, Spain.

"China Tibetan Culture Week", as an established large-scale comprehensive cultural activity focused on Tibet, has been held in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Belgium, Thailand, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Russia and China's Hong Kong respectively since 2001.

Source: China Tibet Information Center


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