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10:48 Oct 01 2011

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How many Hans the Dalai Lama wants to expel?
10:15, December 06, 2010  

After the violent incident plotted by 14th Dalai Lama on March 12, 2008 against the torch relay overseas for the Beijing Olympic Games was defeated, the Nobel Prize laureate suddenly changed its tone and began to talk about "friendship between the Tibetan and the Han". He not only made such rhetoric wherever he went as the Tibetans should not hold their hatred for the Han and should enhance understanding between the Han and Tibetan instead, but tried every possible way to draw more people into his "Tibetan-Han Friendship Association". He also launched online "dialogues" with the Han people, pretending to be the "common master" of both Tibetans and Hans. Yet could the Dalai Lama really change his hostile attitude towards all other Chinese ethnic groups he has adopted for decades?

Expelling the Han: core of the "Middle Way" claim

The Dalai Lama's claim of the "Middle Way" consist of two substances, one is "Greater Tibetan" aimed to form an administrative region encompassing all of the Tibetan-inhabited areas in China; the other is "high degree of autonomy" with the goal in his mind to control every aspect of the region from the political and economic affairs to culture, education and religion without the "interference" of China's central government. It is more than clear that he is advocating his position of "Tibet Independence". As a matter of fact, he has already schemed to drive all of the other ethnic groups out of the region when he initiated the "Middle Way" plot.

In his public speech entitled "Five Peace Plans for Tibet" made to the Human Rights Group of the U.S. Congress in September 1987, the Dalai Lama made it public that he would make the entire Tibetan region including Kham and Amdo in the east into a "peaceful zone", or a "buffer zone". "For the Tibetans to survive as a people, it is imperative that the population transfer is stopped and Chinese settlers return to China". Thus we can see that the Dalai Lama's stance of sheer ethnic cleansing has never changed.

In addition, in his "Proposal on True Autonomy for all Tibetans", a so-called standard version of his "Middle Way" claim issued in November 2008, such remarks were written as that it was extremely important for the "future autonomous body" to enjoy the right of formulating relevant laws on the residence, settlement, working or conducting business in Tibet by the people from other areas of the People's Republic of China.

It is no doubt that the "right" as mentioned included their right to expel the Hans. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, the Dalai Lama added in his interview with the Deutsche Welle that they could not accept the fact that the Hans outnumbered the Tibetans when the Tibetan autonomy was accomplished, which demonstrated once again that he would never waver in his stance to drive away the Han people.
Well, what if his "expulsion project" could not be completed in such a short time? The Dalai Clique has already made their "elaborate preparations".

On Oct. 27, 2008, Samten, "chief governor in exile" said in a media interview in Dharamsala of India that in the future non-Tibetan residents should not enjoy the right of autonomy because they were not ethnic minorities who were entitled to the exclusive autonomous rights, and all the official posts in the minority autonomous region should be filled by the local Tibetans.

It is so obviously that such remarks showed a fairly complete picture of their mentality: First, to drive away the Han population; Second, to degrade them to an inferior class and deprive them of the same rights enjoyed by Tibetans if their expulsion plot could not be immediately achieved.

As "civilized" as the 14th Dalai Lama and Samten who spoke relatively "modest" about their positions, information from their subordinates seemed more straightforward. Lots of such remarks from the Dalai Lama's brother Tenzin Chogyal and his other fellows were recorded in the book entitled "Tibet Mort Ou Vif" by French journalist Pierre-Antoine Donnet (translated by Su Yingxian).

During interviews, Tenzin Chogyal never covered up his naked malevolence. He uttered that they would first pursue ethnic autonomy and then drive all Chinese out! Just like Marcos expelled from the Philippines and the British from India!..."Autonomy will be our first step." He even further claimed that it was unimaginable that the Chinese would feel easy to leave unless they took to arms. "They must see bloodshed"... He also thought that the Chinese could only understand the "language of violence". "Didn't they believe in that politics grows out of gun? Well, let's game on this and see!" he shouted.

Tashi Namgyal, secretary-general of the Dalai Clique's "Tibetan Youth Congress" said presumptously that If they kill Chinese, nobody would accuse them of terrorist attacks because none of the Chinese in Tibet was innocent...And all of the terrorist means they adopted were justified as long as they were targeted at the Chinese!

Since he fled to India in 1959, it was through instigating Han-Tibetan ethnic relations and ethnic hatred that the Dalai Lama could gather overseas Tibetans and create violence in China's Tibet-inhabited areas. Tenzin Tsondre, who grew up in hatred sowed by the Dalai clique wrote in his book that savage and cruelness were the images of the whole Chinese as a group. Despite the fact that the mobs incited Tibetans to beat up the Hans during the violent incident happened on March 14, 2008, the Dalai Lama euphemized to the media that he could not ask them to stop because it was the people's action.

Dating back to history, a number of riots had been created to driving out Hans for "Tibet Independence" by foreign imperialist forces and Tibetan upper classe. In 1949, incited by the British imperialists, the Tibetan separatists used force to expel officials of the Kuomingtang Government in the Tibet Office and "all the Han Chinese in Tibet". Likewise, the Dalai clique's political claims and actions to expel the Hans can also be regarded as the continuity of undermining the national unity and splitting China supported by foreign imperialist forces.

It is also worth noting that in all of the statements made by the Dalai Lama, he only talked about the Han and Tibetan as if there were no other ethnic groups living on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. In fact, it is even well-known among Chinese middle school students that along the rims of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau several other ethnic minorities also live since the ancient time, including the Tibetan, Han, Maiba, Lhopa, Qiang, Hui, Manchu, Mongolian, Kazak, Dongxiang, Baoan, Yugur, Sarah, Yi, Bai, Naxi, Nu, Uygurs and so on. This area has always been a big stage for various ethnic groups to migrate and conduct exchanges as well as a common homeland for all the ethnic groups living here. Taking Qinghai as an example, which is the14th Dalai Lama's hometown and was included in the "Greater Tibet" claimed by the Tibet separatists, the Qiang, Han and Xianbei had lived here even before the Tibetans during the Tubo Kingdom. Since the Yuan Dyansty, the Mongolian, Hui and other ethnic groups had been relocating here continuously. Qinghai had already been a place coexisted by various ethnic minorities who were inseparable between each other. With the establishment of the system of regional autonomy for ethnic minorities after the founding of the People's Republic of China, people of different nationalities have been residing here in harmony, which is shown by the names of those autonomous regions such as "Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture" and "Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture", etc. However, the Dalai clique neglect these ethnic groups on purpose, and regard all of them as Hans, who deserve expulsion and killing. That is to say, under the Dalai Lama's banner of "high degree of autonomy", there is no space for these ethnic groups to live.

In this way, it seems that at least the Dalai Lama is merciful and concerned about the Tibetans. It's not true. In fact, the Dalai clique holds a ferocious hatred for most of the Tibetans who love their motherland, and who are committed to the ethnic unity and have made great contributions to the construction of socialist new Tibet.

In the "Fifteen New Points on Tibet's Independence" proposed to the Dalai Lama in October 2008 by Lukar Sham, the think tanker of the Dalai Lama, and a researcher of the so-called "Department of Security", claimed that not only all the Han cadres of the Party, government and army had to leave Tibet, but also all those Tibetan civil servants in those organs should not remain on their positions. And they could not sacrifice the long-term interests of the two ethnic groups only for the sake of the tens of thousands of positions of the Tibetan and Han employees. Furthermore, Kalsang Tsering, a leader of the Tibetan Youth Congress once shouted to the media that if they could go back to Tibet, they would arrest and scoop out the eyes of all those Tibetans who have collided with the Hans.

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