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11:28 Oct 01 2011

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Telecommunication turnover contributes to 18.5% of Tibet's GDP
09:31, December 08, 2010  

The average annual growth rate of telecommunication turnover in southwest of China's Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) stood at above 15 percent during the 11th Five-Year Plan period (2006-2010), contributing to 18.5 percent of the regional gross domestic product (GDP) growth .

With a larger investment, Tibet has basically set up its information communication network, covering all prefectures, counties, townships, main transportation lines and scenic spots in the region.

As of September 2010, the regional cable communication network has reached 27,000 kilometers, including 21,000 kilometers of long distance optical-fiber cables.

So far, telephone service is accessible to altogether 4,827 Tibetan administrative villages, accounting for 92 percent of the total number, with all the rest accessed telephone lines within this year. Besides, 578 villages (townships) have already been linked by optical-fibre cables.

At present, the 3G network service has basically covered all cities, prefectures and some of the counties in TAR.

By September this year, Tibet was reported to have invested 6.305 billion yuan on the improvement of telephone service, broadband network and wireless mobile communications, far exceeding the planned 5.51-billion-yuan investment for the region's comprehensive telecommunication development between 2006 and 2010.

Source: China Tibet Information Center


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