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16:24 Dec 15 2010

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Tibetan netizen population exceeds 1 million
16:23, December 15, 2010  

By November, the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) has boasted 2,639 websites and 1.17 million Internet users, 100,000 of whom are broadband users, and the number of mobile Internet users has reached 1.066 million, according to sources from the regional Communications Administration Bureau of TAR.

With the popularized use of Internet, online shopping has flourished as an important consumption channel for local people, while major online shopping logistics companies have one after another expanded their services in Lhasa, capital city of TAR.

Qingqi, director of the regional Communications Administration Bureau, told that 53% of the people could use mobile phones in TAR by October while 70% of local mobile users could access online services.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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