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10:14 Dec 16 2010

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TAR to establish vocational education system for more all-rounders
10:12, December 16, 2010  

Training center of vocationa high school at Damshung County.(

An education system with vocational junior education as basic, vocational high education as focus, and vocational senior education as lead has been taking shape initially, which complementarity among faculties within and outside the region, vocational education of different levels, academic education and none-academic training are available now, source from Education Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR),

According to the medium-and-long-term blueprint of the executive development, the talent that are familiar with public health, agriculture techniques as well as pasturage of TAR is in acute shortage in construction projects of new socialist countryside at the moment. Therefore, the vocational education is becoming an issue that the education departments of TAR are working hard to resolve.

County-level vocational training centers are planned to be established all over the region, source from a meeting held by TAR education offices on Dec.7. Most of the training centers are set over the seven counties and one district of Lhasa municipal city with a total area of 701mu (about 67 square kilometers).

There are all together 46 fulltime teachers and 79 part time teachers with 2592 students in those training centers at present. Vehicle repairing, tourism management, English tour guide, traditional painting, folk art etc. are included in the 19 courses of the vocational training, and new courses are planned to be added in teaching timetable and special disciplines featuring indigenous culture will be built up in a bid to scout for talents, train the transferring labor force, develop undertaking of poverty alleviation.

A total of 119 million yuan was earmarked during the 11th Five-Year-Plan from 2005 to 2010 in construction of county-level vocational training centers and pilot schools as well as improvement of faculties.

A special education fund with an annual investment of 30 million yuan was set in the year 2006 with an effort to build up centers and sites for practical vocational training, boost of faculties quality as well as grand-in-aid for students from low-income families.

Up till now, over 50,000 students are distributed in 1 vocational senior school, 6 vocational high schools, 74 county-level training centers and 42 classes for students from TAR in inland vocational high schools. While during the 12th Five-Year-Plan, TAR is to boost the development of education in a bid to achieve the 4:6 ratio of general senior high and vocational high education.

"The demand for talents in leading industries and new sunrise industries are in core consideration in disciplines setting, courses such as veterinarian, traditional Tibetan Medicine, nursery, IT, electrician, civil architecture, tourism service etc. are to be strengthened in the future, "said Song Heping, director-general of TAR Education Bureau.

According to the blueprint of the 12th Five-Year-Plan, the vocational education will be branched out for new sunrise and modern service industries, and the vocational high education will be free of charge, while the improvement of vocational senior education will be carried out.

In the upcoming 5 years, library, teaching apparatus and equipments are to be deployed in a bid to set up school network and information platform in 15 vocational high schools by the year 2015. It would be an incentive for carry forward and develop traditional culture, boost economic development, maintain social stability with the improvement of the vocational education in TAR.


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