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09:47 Dec 17 2010

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Mulan steps on stage in Qinghai
09:46, December 17, 2010  

And here's another show on a slightly larger scale... Original Chinese opera "Mulan Psalm" graced the stage of the Qinghai Convention Center Monday night in Northwest China's Qinghai Province. The play, based on the popular Chinese legend about a woman military officer, is a subtle combination of elements drawn from musicals, dramas, and even traditional Chinese operas.

The opera follows the legendary story of Hua Mulan, who disguises herself as a man to join the army, serving in place of her ailing father. Mulan then achieves tremendous success in the army for her intelligence and becomes a general.

The production, consisting of four parts, reflects the aspiration of all human beings for peace and a better world. The story of Hua Mulan is popular in China for generations, and Mulan is considered the epitome of the wisdom and goodness of Chinese women.

Leading the cast is emerging Chinese artist Tan Jing. The show is under the artistic direction of celebrated musician Peng Liyuan.

"Mulan Psalm" reached its climax when the artists joined together to belt out the closing aria "Ode to Peace."

Source: CCTV

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