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09:53 Dec 17 2010

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Annual report on education in Lhasa officially released
09:52, December 17, 2010  

The 2010 annual report on Lhasa's education was officially released at the press conference held recently by Lhasa's municipal people's congress and people's political consultative conference in Lhasa, capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).

According to the press conference, the enrollment rate of primary schools and junior high schools in Lhasa reached 99% and 99.47% respectively, while the illiterate rate decreased and was limited within 1% during the 11th Five-Year Plan period from 2005 to 2010.

In the past five years, great importance was attached to pre-school education incorporating all-round development and healthcare of children. Also bilingual education was promoted in all counties of Lhasa.

By far, the number of kindergartens has increase from 27 in 2005 to 38 in 2010 with the total enrollment of 11,092.

Special education was another focus in the report. Pilot programs were implemented to offer better education for physically-challenged students in Haicheng Elementary School of the Chengguan District of Lhasa, Elementary School of Chushur County, as well as Jarado Elementary School in Maldrogungkar County.

By the end of 2010, there are altogether 6 regular high schools in Lhasa with 15,184 students enrolled, inclusive of those studying inland and in other regions.

Besides, the quality of teachers and teaching methods has been improved in the 11th Five-Year Plan period.
Statistics showed that by the end of 2010, Lhasa reported a total of 7,524 teachers inclusive of 1,069 retired ones, and 6,156 people of whom are full-time employees.

Moreover, information-based education has also been implemented in an effort to upgrade the local education quality. Computer and multimedia equipment was introduced to schools in Chengguan District, Tohlung Dechen County, Damshung County as well as Nyemo County.


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