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11:07 Dec 20 2010

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Volunteer service program for children from migrant families launched in Lhasa
11:06, December 20, 2010  

On Dec.18, Lhasa's postgraduate volunteer team launched the 12th-term service at Lhasa No. 7 Middle School, which focuses on the caring for migrant workers' children.

Volunteer service for children from migrant families will be carried out in 3 stages from December of 2010 to September of 2011.

The service starts from the one-for-one caring of students of the Lhasa No. 7 Middle School, together with establishment of the library, activities of colorful school life etc.

From March to June of 2011, the volunteer service will cover more students at elementary schools, middle schools as well as communities of Lhasa by carrying out hotline, 5:30 pm class etc. in a bid to enrich life of students from families of migrant workers, while the service will come to an end in September of 2011, with the schedule of the next term being planned.


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