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15:04 Jan 05 2011

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Publication of govt information enhances public management
15:02, January 05, 2011  

"Making government information public is becoming one of the important channels for communications between the public and the local government. The public has better understanding of local administrative affairs nowadays," said Mei Yubao, deputy secretary general of the regional government of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), also vice director of the government's information publication work team.

According to the 12th Five-Year Plan, the disclosure of government information will be listed as a part of the annual assessment criteria, so as to ensure the government's transition into a service-based one through guaranteeing the public's rights to know, to participate, to suggest and to supervise government decisions.

"Now I can check traffic conditions or natural disaster updates online or dial the transport hotline before I travel," said Yundan who works in Lhasa. "Moreover, I can learn favorable policies for my parents from the community bulletin or governmental websites, and the publicized information makes my life easier.”

The regional government has made public many kinds of publicly concerned issues, including regulations, economic development plans, city planning, progress and achievement of government works, etc., according to Mei Ybao.

The information also covers disease warning and preventions, natural disaster warning and updates, public notices, emergency responses, information on food and drugs, policies about social insurance, education and poverty alleviation, etc.

All relevant information was made accessible and available through multi channels such as newspaper, TV, broadcast and Internet.

Altogether 29,091 pieces of information were reported to have been publicized in 2009, a large increase compared with the year of 2008.

In addition to traditional channels such as service center, newspaper, magazine, broadcast, TV, press conference, booklets and bulletins, more modern means such as Internet, SMS, public LED screen are applied.

Up till now, most departments of the regional government have opened their websites for information updates. The infrastructure construction of inquiry archives and libraries have been listed into the government's plan.

The regional government's website has attracted around 1 million viewers annually, or about 3,000 viewers daily. Visitors to the website include ordinary people, office clerks, students, tourists and others, quoted as Mei Yubao saying.

In the next five years, more public websites would be established, and the local government plans to step further to promote and optimize the information publication network, said Mei Yubao, and the Internet would definitely serve as an important platform for the disclosure of government information.


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