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09:20 Jan 10 2011

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Tibet to complete 'Returning Farmland to Forestry' programs before 2023
09:19, January 10, 2011  

Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) has prolonged the period of returning farmland to forestry till 2023 in accordance with the State Council's Returning Farmland to Forestry Policy, according to the regional Forestry Department.

In recent years, over 80% of the habitats for endangered wildlife species have been well protected and over 90% of the natural wetland eco-system has basically been kept in the primordial condition across the region through the construction of nature reserves as well as the protection and restoration of wetlands.

"Tibet will strive to complete compensations in wildlife-related accidents and the second-stage project of four state nature reserves approved by the State Forestry Administration, including Changtang Nature Reserve, Ciba Nature Reserve, Mangkam Nature Reserve of Yunnan golden monkeys and Riwoche Red Deer Nature Reserve, in the first half of 2011," said Lei Guilong, director-general of Tibet's Forestry Department.

Tibet will draw up a regional forestry development plan and the region is presently working on the development plan for a local woody grain and oil base, Lei told.

"An economic-forest base will be set up by virtue of its resources in the meanwhile, to focus on the production of forest fruits and flowers, and the development of the woody grain and oil industry in which walnuts predominate," Lei said.


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