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08:47 Jan 12 2011

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Tibet People's Congress reviews 11th Five-Year Plan
08:47, January 12, 2011  

Paldma Choling, chairman of Tibet Autonomous Region delivers the government work report at the opening of Tibet People's Congress in Lhasa. [Photo/]

Padma Choling, chairman of Tibet Autonomous Region reported that the social development of Tibet has stepped up its efforts to a new level in the 11th Five-Year Plan period (2006--2010) at the opening of Tibet People's Congress in Lhasa on Jan. 10.

The report said people's livelihood has always been given a top priority in Tibet’s social development plan. A number of favorable public projects have been implemented, such as the housing project, infrastructure construction, medical insurance, education, etc.

In the report, Tibet's GDP is estimated to reach 50.6 billion yuan in 2010. The investment scale has been further expanded and infrastructure have been greatly improved with the investments from the state, public and aid-Tibet funds.

Besides, the transportation network all over the region has been basically completed with the construction of airports, highways and the Qinghai-Tibet railway. Local pubic telecommunications service has been advanced as the 3G network covers all counties of the region. Up till now, the number of internet users in Tibet has exceeded 1.15 million.

Meanwhile, Tibet's market trading system has been improved step by step. A total of 12 agricultural produce wholesale markets, 45 county markets and 1,859 stores have been built over the past 5 years. Tibet also witnesses industrial construction focusing on indigenous industries such as tourism, Tibetan medicine, ethnic handicraft, etc.

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