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09:04 Jan 13 2011

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Tibet to build up 7 key eco-systems in 20 years
09:03, January 13, 2011  

Tibet Autonomous Region will strive to establish seven key eco-systems in the next 20 years, said Zhang Yongze, director-general of Tibet's Environmental Protection Department, at the CPPCC Tibet Committee Session on Jan. 11, 2011.

Zhang Yongze, who is also the deputy of Tibet People's Political Consultative Conference, said: "Setting up seven eco-systems requires support from departments, including that of Finance, Environment Protection, Forestry, Agriculture and Livestock, to advance key ecological projects, such as the protection for virgin forest, natural grassland and nature reserve, etc."

We should encourage farmers and herdsmen to participate in the building up of ecological shelter zones by combining it with the improvement of people's livelihood in farming and pastoral areas, added Zhang.

"Currently, Tibet is speeding up its efforts to draft an outline on building up eco-Tibet and , and legalize the project, making it a long-term task for the whole society," Zhang said.


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