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10:20 Jan 13 2011

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Tibet shut down over 100 placer gold & iron mines
10:19, January 13, 2011  

Tibet shut down 65 placer gold mines and 36 placer iron exploration enterprises during the 11th Five-Year Plan period, said an official from the Environment Protection Department of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).

"We conducted an intensive survey in mines and enterprises in 7 prefecturelevel cities in the region", sail Zhang Yongze, director of the Tibetan Environmental Protection Department, "many unqualified mines were shut down and some others renovated."

Tibet enjoys rich natural resources with its unique geological and favorable minerogenetic advantage.Up tiill now, the region has discovered more than 3,000 mineral deposits with 102 different kinds of ores, among which 31 kinds are metal. The critical issue of environmental protection has been put on the top priority in Tibet's economic development.

The Guidelines on Environmental Protection in Exploring Mineral Resources will be unveiled to supervise the mineral industry in Tibet. Zhang Yongze emphasized that every section of the industry, from its exploration to establishment, from the official approval to its production, should be under strict regulation and guidance. Sub-standard mines or processing enterprises would be immediately closed down.


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