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09:55 Jan 21 2011

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Tibet to build up comprehensive energy system in next 5 years
09:55, January 21, 2011  

In the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015), Tibet Autonomous Region will build up a stable, safe, economical and sustainable comprehensive energy system predominated by hydroelectric power and supplemented by oil gas and new energy.

The energy supply project will focus on the hydroelectric power with the installed capacity to hit 2.6 million KW to meet the demand of the region.
Meanwhile, Tibet will actively exploit solar energy with the expected generating capacity for up to 160,000 KW, while striving to build a state solar utilization research and demonstration base and explore the construction mode of small and large solar energy power generation stations.
In addition, Tibet will speed up its power grid construction by completing the interconnection between the central Tibet and the northwestern China, expanding its coverage in farming and pastoral areas, upgrading the voltage level and power supply capacity, and ensuring safety.

"To guarantee energy supplies, Tibet will set up Zam, Gonpa-la, Gotod and Tob hydropower stations as well as emergency and peak-shaving power plants in central Tibet and Ngari. Preliminary survey on key power plants will be conducted before the Yangyi geothermal power station, large grid-connected photovoltaic power stations and energy storing equipment will be built around selected sites in Lhasa, Lhoka, Shigatse and Ngari," said Li Wenhan, deputy director-general of Tibet's Water Resources Department.


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